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Links to Pet Organizations

Adler House Photography is a very animal centric company, and we strongly believe in supporting organizations that cater to the well being of pets. Some of our favorite organizations include:

Rescue Organizations

Columbus Dog Connection

Columbus Dog Connection isnon-profit dog and cat rescue organization, formed in 1998. They are a network of dog enthusiasts who rescue all breeds of dogs and cats. 

Pets Without Parents

Pets Without Parents is a non-profit, no-kill, all-breed shelter for dogs and cats. They strive to create a community that nurtures and respects companion animal. Pets Without Parents functions as a pet adoption shelter, carefully placing pets into forever homes. 

Columbus House Rabbit Society

The Columbus House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer non-profit organization with a mission to rescue abandoned and unwanted rabbits and find them new, loving homes. They also educate the public about proper rabbit care and rabbit behavior through presentations, publications, and personal consultations.

Wonderland Samoyed Safe Haven

All of our puppies are Samoyeds, all are rescues, and all came from the Wonderland Samoyed Safe Haven in Michigan. Thanks to WSSH a day never passes without many smiles, and the occasional rueful shake of the head.


Other Pet Support Organizations

Make Mine Chocolate

Each year, unwanted, former Easter rabbits fill local rabbit rescues and humane societies. The goal of the “Make Mine Chocolate!™” campaign is to break the cycle of acquisition and relinquishment by educating the public about the responsibilities involved in keeping a companion rabbit before a rabbit is brought home.

Best Friends

A better world through kindness to animals.


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